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"Great workshop, contents very clearly explained, felt I learnt a lot . Definitely worth attending. Thank you Ben." Alison Ferris
"Succinct, to the point information that you can take away and apply immedaitely to your business." carol scott
"Ben covered the topic generously, addressing not just the basics but welcoming deeper questions and sharing some invaluable SEO tools. It was worth attending for these gems alone, never mind the follow-up." Genevieve
"Being a newbie to the dark world of SEO, I quickly got to grips with the concept. I left the session armed with tools and strategies to try out and implement. The delivery of information was really well communicated, relaxed and interactive. I definitely would recommend it to a friend! Thank you Ben." Holly von Bock
"Fun, friendly and very knowledgable - great to work with!" Sarah

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